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Lights, Camera, SuperLambanana!

We are delighted with the award winning film from Cloclwork Arts which includes are lovely Super Lambanana soft toy. Demand was massive for the toy and we sold out but we are hoping to release some more soon.

All New Liverbird

We are delighted to have the exclusive brand new Liverbird design by MacKenzie.

This beautiful, sleek, ceramic design is made in England from earthen creamware and fired in a traditional Staffordshire bottle kiln.

The Liverbird, by MacKenzie is available in a variety of colours.

Super Lambanana

Original Super Lamb Banana

How would you like to be the proud owner of a Super Lambanana? We are now ready to take your orders for delivery. If you promise to take good care of me, I can be sent swiftly and safely to a destination of your choice.

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Super Lambanana or Superlambanana

Created for the City of Liverpool, the Super Lambanana’s iconic status was established during the Liverpool European Capital of Culture year.

We are proud to announce the official flock of ceramic Super Lambananas reared in England and lovingly placed in a secure pen, ready for delivery to a caring owner.

Each Super Lambanana comes with its very own certificate of ownership, and is made from Creamware and fired in a traditional Staffordshire kiln.

If you have any questions, please contact us here.

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Every now and again Super Lambanana makes it into the news and media, click here to see what’s been happening.

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